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Luxury several times in recent years against dealers and department stores of the case description code for luxury brands in China. Chanel sued Golden West Chongqing department store. According to media reports, cases, Chanel, France Chanel Golden West Coast department store company in Chongqing found that the companies without authorization in some shop Windows, counters and other places, make the Chanel Perfume company English name and icon, and sales of products marked with the Chanel name. Since 2011, warning several times Golden West Coast department store is not valid, therefore against to the courts. In court, a Chanel lawyer Luo Zhenghong said many years ago.

The Chanel company registered in China and the Chanel-related text, English, graphics, trademarks, its English name Chanel is in more than one category of enterprises is the Trademark Office and the trademark review and adjudication Board recognized as well-known trademarks, and the span-class protection. However, gold Chanel West Coast department store company unauthorized use of English names in shopping centre, whose conduct has constituted a violation of the company's trademark rights, are acts of unfair competition. Chanel gave their claim to the Jin Meixi 300, 000 yuan. Lawyer Jin Meixi department store, Chongqing great hundred lawyer Zhao Yang, store sales Chanel is a genuine commodity, there are legitimate sources.